Johan EngblomJohan Engblom
Malmo University

What's a Manta Ray, Johan asks, with one plastered over the front of his shirt
Clive PrestidgeClive Prestidge
Ian Wark Research Institute, University of South Australia

Clive was specifically asked to wear one of his quietest shirts to DDA, so he did
Pat SpicerPat Spicer
University of New South Wales

Actually Pat doesn't look so corporate these days

Co-supervisor of Kristian Tangso's PhD
Tracey HanleyTracey Hanley
Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organization (ANSTO)

Tracey used to stare incessantly at Mimi
Bim GrahamBim Graham
Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Bim thinks he's a synthetic chemist when he's really a delivery scientist
Thomas RadesThomas Rades
University of Copenhagen

The Lumskebuksen featured prominently in this poster

Co-supervisor of Jamal Khan's PhD
Robert MedcalfRob Medcalf
Monash University

He works in neuro-active drugs – he’s the brains of the operation
R-L: Nigel Kirby, Adrian Hawley, Stephen MudieNigel Kirby, Adrian Hawley and Stephen Mudie
SAXS/WAXS Beamline, Australian Synchrotron

Seriously these guys are bloody good; we owe them big time