Andrew J. Clulow

Research Fellow, Digestion Team Leader
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Andrew came to Australia to undertake his PhD studies in 2009 having completed his Master of Chemistry degree at the University of Oxford. Between 2009 and 2012 he completed his PhD research into fluorescent dendrimer-based explosives sensors under the supervision of Professor Paul Burn at the Centre for Organic Photonics and Electronics [The University of Queensland (UQ)]. Upon conferral of his PhD he accepted a postdoctoral position at UQ utilising neutron and X-ray scattering techniques to probe nanoscale structural behaviour in solutions and thin films relating to the development and application of plastic electronic devices including solar cells, light emitting diodes, explosives sensors, indium-free transparent electrodes, transistors and bioelectronic conductors. This seeded Andrew’s passion for correlating molecular structure and interaction with function, which is the ongoing focus of his research. Now a research fellow in the Boyd group (Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences), he leads the team studying the colloidal liquid crystalline structures that form during lipid digestion and the consequences for dissolved hydrophobic compounds in the gut. His particular research interest is in the use of milk as a carrier for hydrophobic molecules and unravelling the chemical complexity of this fascinating biomaterial to design more effective lipid-based delivery systems for drugs and nutrients.

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