Angel Tan

PositionResearch Fellow (CoE Team Leader)
Past education2006 – 2010: PhD Pharmacy (University of South Australia)
2001 – 2004: Bachelor of Pharmacy, Hons (University of South Australia)
Past experience2014 – 2016: JSPS Postdoctoral Fellow (The University of Tokyo)
2012: Overseas Short-term Travel Fellow (University of Copenhagen)
2011 – 2014: Research Associate (University of South Australia)
2010 – 2011: Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration external regulatory evaluator (generic medicines)
2005 – 2006: Hospital Pharmacist (Malaysia)
Current projectAngel’s major research interest is to integrate micro-engineered 3D human tissue models, advanced imaging and synchrotron-based analytics into a unique research platform to study the interactions between Ben’s nanomaterials, blood circulating cells and healthy/diseased tissues (including vascular, tumor and immune cells). Her research expertise is in the areas of Nanomedicine (lipid-based and porous nanoparticle drug formulations) and Tissue Bioengineering (3D vascular models).
Scientific committeesSince 2016 (Member): JSPS Alumni Association of Australia
Since 2011 (Member): Australian Nanotechnology Network | Controlled Release Society | Drug Delivery Australia | Health Development Adelaide | Australia Endeavour Alumni Network | Australian Vascular Biology Society
Hobbies/interestsA bit of: hiking, basketball, swimming
A lot of: travelling, gastronomy


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