Kapil Vithani

PositionPhD candidate (started in 2015)
Past education
MPhil of Pharmaceutical Science at University of Greenwich (UK) in 2013.
Project: 'Hot melt extrusion (HME) processing for the development of lipid oral solid dosage form'. Briefly, Several lipid grades were processed through solid dispersion HME technique and their effect on the release patterns of the active substances were investigated using bio-relevant media in order to stimulate the gastric conditions including solid state analysis using DSC and XRD. I managed to publish three reserach publications and presented research works at three conferences including Controlled Release Society (CRS) at Quebec, Canada in July 2017, by the time I finished up.
Past experienceResearch assistant at Monash University (Clayton) in August 2015 and Research Assistant at University of Greenwich (UK) in December 2013.
Current project
My main research interest is in pharmaceutical formulation, soft self-assembled systems and 3D printing technology. Currently, I am studying the colloidal structures produced during dispersion and digestion of solid self-microemulsifying drug delivery system (S-SMEDDS) which are an essential aspects on understanding the behaviour of drug solubilization and drug absorption. Small angle X-ray scattering and HPLC are very important tools in understanding structure, composition and kinetics of processes involving these materials enable rational selection of formulation compositions for optimal drug delivery. Additionally, I am also interested in implementing 3D printing technology to print soft-materials which can leads to whole new approach for lipid-based formulations.
Scientific committees
A member of American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) student chapter at Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Science, Parkville, Victoria, Australia (March 2017). An organization committe member of AAPS student chapter conference held at University of Greenwich (UK) in March 2013.
Hobbies/interestsWatching sports, playing cricket, traveling, reading books

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