Qingtao (Jason) Liu

Jason received his bachelor degree from the school of chemistry, Jilin University (P. R. China) in 2002. He commenced his Ph. D. project in supramolecular state key lab, Jilin University in 2002, and received his Ph. D. degree of polymer chemistry and physics in 2007. He joined in Mindray Medical International Limited (Shenzhen, China) since 2008, and worked on research and development of clinical diagnostic reagents. Then he came to Australia in 2009, after a short academic experience in IMF, Deakin University (Australia), he joined in Ben Boyd research group, Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences (MIPS), Monash University (Parkville) since 2010.Jason’s research interests focus on the stimuli-responding lipid-based liquid crystalline (LLC) nanomaterials and surface modified LLC nanomaterial for target drug delivery. The sensing (stimuli-responding) LLC can respond the biomarker (peptide, protein or nucleic acid) related with disease to trigger LC phase transition for controlling drug release rate, has potential application in target drug delivery. The surface modified LLC has biomarker-recognition element on the surface of its nanoparticle, can accumulate in diseased region. In addition, Jason’s research interest extended to application of LLC nanomaterials in other field such as agriculture and biosensor.
Jason’s main hobby is fishing, he enjoys the recreated time in fishing, boating, fighting with fierce big fish such as bluefine tuna or yellowtail kingfish.
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