Kristian Files

Kristian once took 48 hrs to fly from Melbourne to Cincinnati
Kristian lost her passport at KFC in Copenhagen
Kristian had a run away suitcase in a train in Brisbane
Kristian locked herself in the fire escape at a hotel in Sydney and couldn’t get out
Kristian got lost in Melbourne airport (or we thought so)
Kristian nearly got stuck in Estonia only just making the last ferry back to Helsinki so she didn’t miss her flight early the next morning to Copenhagen
Kristian was asked by Ben to sing a duet one karaoke night. She shockingly replied “but that’s a love song!” not realising all duets are love songs…
Kristian ordered a Mai Tai in Hawaii and excitedly declared that it wasn’t strong at all, until she reached the alcoholic part…
Kristian and Steph went on holiday, I mean conference…in Hawaii. The buses were so cold from the air-conditioning that they were forced to buy a cardigan out of desperation. The only top she found ended up being a teal coloured PJ top, and she accepted a dare to wear it up to the register and asked them to scan it like that and cut the tags so she could wear it immediately!
Kristian once broke the glass incubator oven door. When she went to report it to Ben, “Trouble” by Taylor Swift was playing on the radio. Ben now associates her with that song
Many more to come….