Josh Reineke visits MIPS

Last week, we had the opportunity to host Josh Reineke from ReinekeLab at MIPS. He presented his talk on “Particokinetics to enhance optimisation and translation of nanomedicine.” This was followed by an engaging lunch and dinner with students from the Boyd, nanomed and Porter groups.

ANSTO User meeting 2017

Last week, our recently graduated Honours student, Cindy, and two other post docs attended the ANSTO user meeting. Here is her experience:

From 22nd to 24th November, I presented my honours work at the annual ANSTO user meeting and it was a great experience. I had a chance to meet with a lot of the ANSTO and Synchrotron beam line scientists and discussed the application of radiation on investigating materials and biological imaging that were relevant to my studies. I also got chances to network with other honours and PhD students utilising these techniques to do a wide range of researches.

Great night out with Kinam and the students

After an engaging seminar from Prof. Kinam Park, we set out for drinks and Brazilian BBQ at B’Churrasco. We were accompanied by our cousins from the nanomedicine group at CBNS and enjoyed a night of hearty conversations and great food.

Thanks for coming Kinam and we hope you enjoyed your stay in Australia!

Glad to be hosting Kinam Park

We are very happy to welcome Professor Kinam Park for his visit t0 MIPS and seminar on 17th November.

New Starters

Welcome to the Boyd group

Dr Ei Lwin has joined our Gates Team. She completed her PhD in Pharmacy from the University of South Australia entitled “Evaluation of Drug Transfer in Human Milk”.

Kang-Yu Peng has also joined the Gates Team with experience in lipidomics. His PhD thesis was entitled “The lipidomics of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease: from in vitro to human studies”.

We look forward to their karaoke contributions.